Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today I cried, thanks to Lodhi

Today I cried.

And I am one of those people whose large ego causes me to feel the lump in my throat, determined to shed no tears even while watching Grave of the Fireflies, Walk on Water, and Cocoon.

Umair Lodhi was my team-mate at Super Technologies, Inc. He was my colleague who had a sunny attitude while providing customer service for voice over Internet protocol solutions for the short period of time he was with us. He moved to Malaysia to pursue more and better education. He died this week.

(He was about the age of many of my team at Supertec who I consider as adopted sons and brothers... Muneeb, Steve, Arfeen, Ahsan, Fahad, Sarmad, Imran, Rehan, Ayaz, Tommy, Rizwan... and also my own son Scott Slay, whom I see very seldom, because of differences in religious beliefs. Scott is a good young man who teaches strings and drama classes at a local high school, plays in several bands, has a lovely wife who teaches English and gave us all a lovely grand-daughter that I show off on a regular basis on Youtube: playing basketball, singing "Row, row, row your boat" ...)

Today, I cried. Thank you, Lodhi. I mean it.

You were a good young man, and I am so happy that we knew you and were able to spend time with you. May your family, your parents, your friends be strong and appreciate those who are still here with us while we have them with us and not when it is too late to let them know.

Since posting this item on my blog, I'm welcoming comments from those who knew Lodhi.

Sept 20, 2007
Shady Malik emailed me: He was a sincere friend, very self-sacrificing and very understanding boy. He was a very good listener.. very sweet boy, the best of all the friends I have ever had. He was full of life and was always in a good mood. His mom was broke.. he was her only son :(

Jul 24, 2008
Shady, our good friend and colleague, has made a beautiful page in memory of Lodhi.

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