Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who Will Provide E911 Video, Voice and Text Service?

Emergency phone on the A65 at Thorlby - - 1397222 E911 Watch columnist Nick Maier in the TMC Internet Telephony magazine ends his March 2012 article with, "In the not-too-distant future, cloud-based E911 solutions will be able to accept not only emergency voice calls, but emergency video and emergency text messages. Location objects sent along with the video or text will make it possible to automatically route the information to the right PSAP so help can be dispatched."

Who are the players in the research and provision of a cloud-based #911 solutions available in video, voice and text, no matter what the device, to communications providers? Those are the questions my IP communications weekly chat group asks. Please comment on this blog with your opinions.

Amazon lists a few answers:
New Global Telecom Launches SafeCall for E911 VoIP Service

VoIP and E-911: is help on the way?: An article from: Rural Telecommunications

Is help on the way? VoIP E911: making sure you're covered in an emergency.(VOIP ADVISOR): An article from: Computer User

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