Thursday, September 01, 2011

Using Video to Share Expertise and Review on Filipino Social Network PinoyKubo

My daily car trips around town now are much more interesting  because satellite radio and a particular station Book Radio. I get bits and pieces of books, interviews, debates, and stories. My favorites are the Twilight Zone and Harry Miles episodes, but I also am introduced for the first time to the series by Kathryn Stockett The Help. The characters are good at different things and have points of views that are definite conversation builders. While listening, I keep thinking about how everyone is so good at unique and different tasks, has opinions and reactions I want to hear, read and know about especially in regards to The Filipino experience in 2011 around the world.

I convinced this young man to do exactly that but in particular about his experience so far with the PinoyKubo social network. He likes the fact he can see anyone anywhere in the world via PinoyKubo video over Internet and talk with them and show them how to do different things.

A transcript follows:

T = Tagalog E = English

T: Sawang sawa ka na ba sa Facebook?
E: Are you sick and tired of Facebook?

T: Puro notifications nalang ba ang nababasa mo doon?
E: Are notifications all that you get to read there?

T: Lumipat ka na kasi.
E: Just move to a different website already.

T: Saan pa? E di sa Pinoy Kubo!
E: Where else? Pinoy Kubo!

T: Magandang araw mga kaibigan, ako po si David at ikinagagalak ko pong ikwento sa inyo ang mga magagandang bagay na naghihintay para sa ating mga Pilipino, dito sa Pinoy Kubo.
E: Good day my friends, I'm David and I am thrilled to tell you about the wonderful things that are waiting for us Filipinos, here at Pinoy Kubo.

T: Ang Pinoy Kubo po ay isang social networking site katulad ng Friendster, Facebook, at Twitter, kung saan nagtitipon ang libo-libong mga Pilipino.
E: Pinoy Kubo is a social networking site like Friendster, Facebook, and Twitter, where thousands of Filipinos gather and meet with each other.

T: Ang isang magandang bagay po dito sa Pinoy Kubo, ay masmaraming mga Pilipino ang makakarehistro dito dahil tapat na tapat ang Pinoy Kubo sa wikang Pilipino.
E: One beautiful thing about Pinoy Kubo is that more Filipinos can register here since Pinoy Kubo is dedicated to the use of the Filipino language.

T: Ang Pinoy Kubo po ay isa sa mga pinaka-unang social networking site na Pilipino ang gumawa. 'Di lang po siya ginagamit bilang libangan, kundi na rin para sa negosyo.
E: Pinoy Kubo is one of the first social networking sites created by a Filipino. It can be used not only for leisure, but for business as well.

T: At dahil kakasimula pa lang nito, kung gusto niyong makilala o sumikat, e, pwedeng pwede niyo po gawin yan dito sa Pinoy Kubo.
E: And because it's still quite new, if you want to get noticed or become famous, Pinoy Kubo is the place you're looking for.

T: Kung 'di niyo naman po kayang iwanan ang Facebook, wag po kayong magalala dahil ang Pinoy Kubo po ay ginawa upang makipag tulungan sa Facebook.
E: If you have no intentions of leaving Facebook, don't worry! Because Pinoy Kubo is designed to complement Facebook, and not to compete with it.

T: At baka manosebleed na po ako sa kakaTagalog e, sumali nalang po kayo!
E: And because my nose might bleed from speaking in Filipino too much, just join already!

T: Ako po si David, para sa Pinoy Kubo!
E: My name is David, for Pinoy Kubo!

(Love for you to join the Karl Ramirez musician, activist and songwriter Fan Page on PinoyKubo.)

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