Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Job Atmosphere Brings out the Best in You and Everyone

I recently asked a very talented friend who is moving into a new direction in career, "What is the ideal work atmosphere for you to bring out the best in yourself, others in the business, and the company you work for or start?"

All who are interested in connecting with this gentleman about a new career, let me know, and I'll do my best.

Answer: Thank you so much for taking some time for me on Friday. I appreciate your deep-thinking questions for me to consider regarding my next opportunity.

The perfect environment for me would be one that allows me to be empowered to make decisions imperative to customer satisfaction. I appreciate the roles I have had that allowed me to be entrepreneurial in terms of taking control of my customer relationships and to build my business.

While "sales" has always been my key function, I am up for any role that allows me to engage with the customer, build and foster relationships and ultimately build a pipeline of loyal customers to ensure my company is successful.

I love telecom, but I am skilled in so much more. I have a strong background in local area networks, wide area networks, network security, expense management, software and hardware. I have taught networking technologies as adjunct faculty. Currently, I am learning Java and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The size of the company does not matter to me. I would be interested in a ground floor opportunity with a start-up or a key role in a well-established organization or something in the middle. The key is that I must be allowed to be a contributor; to the bottom line business development and sales, and to the culture of the company.