Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Austin, Texas location will be the ITEXPO West 2011 All Conference Party?

Mango's Tropical Cafe, right on the Miami Beach coastline and the location of ITEXPO East 2011 All Conference Party, really was fun!

Sponsors were AudioCodes, DIDXchange, Eaton, and Lockheed Martin. Mauricio Puche and Max Glucksmann were giving salsa lessons on behalf of DIDX, entertainment by the Mango Dance Team, and the place was packed with hundreds of ladies and gentlemen who were participating in ITEXPO East 2011.

Let J. Terentuiuk at TMC know where you think they should host the ITEXPO West All Conference Party in Austin, Texas September 13-15, 2011. I'm happy. The conference starts on my birthday.

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