Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Where Three Empires Meet

I often share the fact that my husband and I run with friends here and there. We discuss our problems, our dreams, our goals and sweat together. Afterwards we often cook together, and then eat, drink, socialize, laugh, brag, and commiserate some more. Samin mentioned that running may not be good for people, especially running. Then I explained how and why we run together and the conversation continues to be one I read and re-read.

From Samin Khan, who some of us hope to talk to one day soon using Rebtel, Skype, Virtual Phone Line or some IM with VoIP service, one of my very interesting Facebook friends, who has interesting ideas, views, and experiences to share:

Winston Churchill created a Foundation for doing difficult and unusual things- like a person who came from Europe and then crossed over Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and entered China from there and reached Peking.

In Gilgit I read a book "Where Three Empires Meet."Tthat is the Chinese, the Russians and the British -do read it. A British explorer came from China - then to Gilgit and Hunza and then finally to Delhi. In those days, people did not know how to climb mountains so he just pushed all his baggage down the hill.

Wow, it's on Google Books!

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