Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Past Finds Me: Uravip1996 offer to help with ESOL in 1996 from my old PowerMac

Subject: Sincere offer to tutor in English
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 04:53:42 -0400


I, Suzanne Slay, am dedicated to assist others in achieving excellence in English, the universal language of our planet. So, let's get right to the point.

Read my qualifications as an English expert, and let's collaborate to put you on the path of English mastery!!!!

Education and Professional Experience:
- B.A. English and Social Studies at the University of West Florida
- Graduate courses in Instructional Technology and Educational Leadership in progress with GPA 3.875
- English Teacher for 8 years in Florida, USA (Also teaching /DOCUMENTS/JOURnalism, Intro. to - - - - Foreign Languages, and Internet classes) 1988- continued
- Florida Instructional Resources Network internet service contact of Escambia County, Florida

1996- continued
- State of Florida, USA Florida Writing Assessment Trainer 1995 - continued
- Florida Council Teachers of English Director of Region I- Responsible for 8 northern counties in Florida

- Responsible for hosting two Japanese teaching interns in 1993- 1995
- Responsible for writing and receipt of  100s of 1000s of dollars' worth of grants that focus on English reading and writing improvement using technology 1989- 1996
- Middle School English Teacher of the Year, Escambia County, Florida 1995-1996
- References available in Japan (an English tutor and encyclopedia editor), Pakistan (a computer expert and multilinguist), and USA (Florida education administrators).

- Communicate with me please at and at my students' website
just one example of English and technological collaboration in progress, Florida 8th graders and Herman Dewitt, Syed Maroof, Rehan Ahmed, Arshi Masood, and Inge Siepmann.

I have a PowerMac 6100/60, 16 MB RAM; 288 modem ( or digital connection to replace the analog ); QuickCam Camera; and external mike with a dedicated Internet connection, along with 11 other Mac computers and laser printer which I networked myself. I am currently using Cu-SeeMe; IRC; E-mail; FTP of wavs, jpeg, and other files; and working on IPhone. I am successful in using these items with my 110 students to complement English instruction.

Thank you very much,
Suzanne Slay
  (That's me, now Suzanne Bowen. I found this on the old website.)
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