Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Social Networks, Offline or Online, United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Networks get things done. United we stand. Divided we fall, right? In fact, when I was asked at the ITEXPO "Using Social Media for a Successful Business Campaign" panel why our company chose to use social media in meeting our company goals... I replied, "We wanted to collaborate and get more done, faster, for our clients, vendors and partners, and with a more global reach and group of participants since DIDX is composed of service providers, carriers and operators in 170 nations."
I remember in 2005 when Kelly, my sister-in-law first told me about Facebook, I thought, what a waste of time, I don't want to play games, and maybe later. So, I'm using a few social media sites regularly without wasting time, I don't play games ;-), and getting a lot more done with quality.

You wouldn't believe, people of all walks of life anywhere just about in the world are using social media and social networks to accomplish important things:
1. Find jobs.

2. Make new friends.

3. Finding partners.

4. Getting help on any kind of project.

5. Taking a creative break. (This is one of my favorite.)**

6. Find answers.

7. Ask questions.

8. Plan, promote and execute events.

9. Connect back with old friends, business people and classmates.

10. Introduce people who can really help each other.

11. Showcase whoever you admire and are inspired by and how and why. (This is one of my favorite.)**

12. Find out what your customers need and figuring out with them how to make it happen. **
In this Social Networking in Plain English video in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish or German that Graham Francis of TheSIPSchool.com shared with me, the speaker mentions the fact that a network is only as valuable as people can see. That is something to think about. So, it's like Jimmy Buffet said about Margaritaville. It is wherever you want it to be.
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