Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bonnie Borgman from Jitterbug with Live Nurse at CTIA

Google the key word "jitterbug," and the first listing is "Welcome to the Brand New Jitterbug J Experience." The service starts at $14.99/month. The cell phones get to the point and easy for anyone to use with large buttons, 18 point font, and back lit feature.

Listen to Bonnie Borgman, executive assistant to the CEO of Jitterbug, share more with you about the different exciting services for families, children, senior citizens and more with Jitterbug. Noreen Rucinski, popular international voip consultant, summarizes it as "Jitterbug" is somewhat a mobile "onstar."

Http:// is a media partner for conferences such as where you should participate in to gather information, develop business and make new friends in the telephony and wireless industries. Jitterbug won the CTIA 2009 HOT for the Holidays award for its LiveNurse program!

That is just $4 per month for to a live registered nurse 24/7. Go buy a Jitterbug phone and service (operating on the Verizon network) for your children or parents today at Forty million are in the 55 and above age group in the USA... think about it.

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