Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10 Tools of VoIP Success, How to Get More

What has led to the success of so voIP entrepreneurs even in a time of "global recession"?

1. The proliferation of broadband, Internet and wireless
2. Open source technologies such as Asterisk, freeSWITCH, Yate, OpenSER (now OpenSIPS)
3. Free or near free calling tools: the Internet Phone of VocalTec in 1995, BuddyPhone, Skype, Gizmo Project, MagicJack
4. The power and magic of SIP
5. Local presence and virtual presence promoted by Virtual Phone Line (2000)
6. The ability for any entrepreneur or company to become a global provider via local international phone numbers that give a local presence to their users from DIDX (2005) (VPL and DIDX, inventions of Rehan Allahwala Ahmed)
7. Codecs G723, G729
8. Jeff Pulver, Vonage and VON and Jeff's insistence on breaking the mold, never be satisfied
9. IP PBX, a.k.a. IP PABX less expensive and more flexible than traditional PBX
10. ITEXPO and under the modest but innovative leadership of Rich Tehrani

We've not even touched the edge of what's possible. Who knows what mind-blowing, life-improving innovations lurk in the minds of those in remote and rural areas, emerging countries, third world countries, developing countries? A shameless plug for a conference to consider whose discussion will include this very important topic: ITU Telecom World 2009.

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