Saturday, June 27, 2009

Apology for the ITCN Asia 2008 Presentation, Attend 2009!

Several people have emailed me, Suzanne, did you create this power point presentation that is listed at ITCN Asia conference website?

No, I did not. It was written by someone else in my company for me to speak in my place on the keynote panel at ITCN Asia 2008. I did use this power presentation. I also have apologized many times for the typos and for the part about the accent of Chinese and Vietnamese on the English language. I have many friends from both countries who I respect very much.

I am apologizing again as I received four more requests this past week... the same... Suzanne, did you write this power point? No, I did not, and I will check all PPTs given to me for presentation in the future to edit carefully before using. I learned my lesson.

On the bright side, ITCN Asia 20009 is going to be excellent with the most powerful and innovative entrepreneurs and companies from the East and West August 3-5, 2009 at the Karachi Expo Centre! Our DIDXchange is a media partner this conference as well as a dozen other of the best conferences, trade shows, expos, and exhibitions in the world related to IT, business and IP communications.

Sign up for ITCN Asia now. Karachi is an exciting place. I have been there 7 times for one to two months at a time. Business development is waiting for you with real lucrative results. Don't miss out.

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Anonymous said...

Where should people stay during ITCN? Which hotels are nearby the conference center that are safe, guarded, medium to good quality? btw, your CEO Susanne Bowen is one tough business lady who can convince anyone to do just about anything. We're going to Karachi for the 1st time because of her. We all love her at expocomm.