Thursday, April 16, 2009

Praise that Makes a VoIP Company's Heart Warm

I am copying an email that I just received where a wholesale client (industry giant) of DIDX is recommending an industry friend to use DIDX. I have replaced the actual name of the company they refer with "Company X" and left out the name of our lovely current client.

Here we go...

"I want to make an introduction to Suzanne who is the CEO of DIDx. See: This is who we uses for our callin numbers and I highly recommend them as a solution for your company. Here's what I can say about her/them.

We have had a multi-year relationship with them and they are trustworthy.
Suzanne is very responsive to our needs.
Their web portal is superior to any other DID providers.
They have broad availability of numbers.
They have a real time API which makes it efficient to purchase and assign DIDs.

I recommend you work directly with them for your DID needs."

Besides friends and family, the above is what I live for... working hard/smart with our team to be productive and see the rewards gained by our clients and have them refer others to us! We love you, "industry giant."

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