Monday, March 30, 2009

A Friendly Face on Your Business Card

Ever work, work, work, smile, laugh, work, work, work, and still need a small pat on the back? Like it's okay to be happy and have fun while working. It doesn't mean you're not working... a lovely friend of mine in Latin America, who is just completing his company's Asterisk PBX implementation to provide voip services, sent me this message today on Facebook:

"Hi Suzanne,
I hope you are doing great, and that business is going good as well. I just want to let you know that I have not forget about your request of writing something in Spanish to post on your blogs about what my company is doing. We are still working on the Asterisk,’s implementation for our company. Therefore, as soon we finish the project I will definitely let you know and I will write about our experiences in Spanish, so we can share them with the Latino community via your blog and your TMCNET channel.

In other order of ideas, thanks for the business card idea of putting your picture on it, because it really works. People respond better when they see a friendly face on the card, because they tend to remember you easily. You are the best networking person I ever meet; I believe you should write a book about how to approach people in business or something.

I’m so glad that I got to know you, because you are one of the more interesting persons I ever meet.

Take care, and I will keep you posted."

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Print Mattt said...

Having a picture of yourself in your business card is not a bad idea. It shows more personality than just plain branding.