Saturday, February 14, 2009

Worst Way to Motivate Employees

Don't try to make your team feel sorry about the bottom line of the company. The best will LEAVE.

Our company has been really lucky since 1999 to have hard-working and extremely self-motivated/intrinsically motivated team and leadership. Our bottom line and number and quality of clients and partners and suppliers have improved each year also.

We would never try to motivate our team in the following manner: I read an email where I was cc'd by a CEO of another company to her employee. She used a threat of the fact that their company was low on money and wouldn't be able to pay bills to push her over-achieving employee to get moving even more.

Hmm... that would not motivate me at all. I think I might be looking for another job. Don't say things like that to your team, especially if that person is one of your top and over achievers.

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