Thursday, January 29, 2009

Car Wrecks, Qik, And SIP in Pensacola, Florida

Time 5:50 PM, Tuesday, Jan 27, 2009. I'm reading Facebook statuses of hundreds of friends, laughing, being educated, and/or feeling empathetic. Michael's driving us to run the Emerald Coast Racing Team workout.

Boom! Airbag, smack! My progressive eyeglasses crushed... Michael's saying he's okay. I can't see to get to Qik to stream this shenanigan.

We open the doors of our Chevy Tracker (which doesn't look totalled but later we find out it is). We huddle in the ditch. I take pictures of anything I can and change my Facebook status to "Michael and i just got into abig car accident. A guy coming out of a bar hit us. both bleeding but able to stand outside the car. i.m shaking."

I forget about Qik. We didn't catch on video a very peculiar situation that I will not discuss online. Hindsight. Michael's mid section is pretty banged up. My head, oh my big head.

Steve Fair shows up after he sees my Facebook status. Then Steve Cayona shows up, same reason, with Michael's insurance papers. Bless you both. I sit on the ground and read my Facebook friends' words of encouragement on my wall while hugging Michael close and crying silently.

Next day, the neck, shoulders, head, and right eye are throbbing. Can't see to work on my computer. Progessive lenses shot.

Steve Cayona, my Super Technologies' colleague, calls and says, "Quit feeling sorry for yourself. You and I are going to the ITGulfcoast meeting. Why would you want to miss John R. Bartoszewicz, Managing Partner of Business Communications & Data (BCD), discuss Sessions Initiated Protocol (SIP) in little old Redneck Riviera Pensacola, Florida?"

Watch some on Qik starting with and 3 more videos* after. (It's a bit sloppy because I just can't see that well. I'm feeling very sloppy.) He mentions that Cox Communications will be providing SIP soon. (Cox and Super Technologies, Inc. are sponsors of ITGulfcoast.)

John also mentions the fact that his company will be using an IP PBX hosted by Commpartners (who btw, are the ones who manage We spent some time with them at PTC in 2007. John explains SIP so well and so simply.

You make me proud of Northwest Florida, John.

I'm going to work now with my face as close to the Dell as possible. See you at the Super Bowl party on Sunday in Miami and most of all ITEXPO East / 4G Wireless Evolution / Digium | Asterisk World, all 12,000 or more of you. Get your passes here at now.

* I'll get the Qik videos titled, etc. soon.

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