Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Layne Sisk Server Plus at ISPCON - Plan Biz like Network 1

This blog is not about how great Suzanne is but how interesting you are ... and the Server Plus is an example of an exciting and different paradigm, a breath of fresh air, and we saw much of that at ISPCON in San Jose, Ca. last week in Nov. 2008!

... View Layne Sisk of Server Plus discussing how we put much effort in having cutting edge networks, but what our businesses??? I will add more clips of his presentation soon.


Anonymous said...

We see you everywhere on the net and at conferences. That is what made us have faith in DIDX to open an account there. We met Rehan in Singapore and Suzanne all over the world. What we like about your company is that we don't have a feel that you think it is all about you. Instead it is all about the customers, the telephony companies who use DIDX. None of you are trying to be some global voip icon. You're just trying to please customers. I have one complaint and that is when you send DIDX emails wishing holiday greetings, include all of them, not just Christmas or Ramadan. Include the Jewish holidays, KWanzaa, Buddhist, Hindu and so on. It is really embarrasing to me to get just an email celebrating Ramadan with Pakistan DID sales when I thought DIDX is an international company that does not show favoritiesm to one religion one country one type of people. I complain about this because I care as a DIDX member about the reputation of DIDX. I hope everyone in your company sees my post.

Anonymous said...

Check out what ISP-Planet has to say about Sisk and ServerPlus at said...

Anonymous - you are correct. I didn't realize we have been doing that. If we are doing this, it's not intentional. I'll check into it and make sure we are noticing everything or nothing. Good points!!! Hey, stick with us on DIDX. We appreciate you. Straight from Suzanne Bowen