Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy when those NOT like You Get Hurt?

Love thy neighbor as thyself.

We have to stop being happy when those who are not like us ... get hurt.
I remember clearly comments and actions (seen first-hand and via the media) ...

made by those happy and those unhappy about the following events:

911, the Jewish Holocaust, the killing of Muslim families who are in areas of insurgents, hate crimes against homosexuals, and the murder, killing whether accidental or on purpose of anyone different from you or me. Yes, I have heard comments from different people who were happy about EACH of these things!!!!!!!

Thanks to Mark Hewitt at in his post on the Charter of Compassion. Listen to the mix of voices who explain why we rejoice when others get hurt who are not like us and what we can do about this.

Peace to all. Amen. (Use some VoIP today to pass this around.)

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