Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Choosing Between Appearance & Glamor vs Humor & Health

True, aesthetics is interesting, but in the end...

Appearance and glamor are empty. Humor and health will keep us going much longer in the best and worst of times. When we place too much emphasis on appearance and glamor, we will be disappointed.

This applies to:

I'd rather gaze in the endorphin-filled eyes of my old ugly (in appearance) friends, customers and colleagues (me ugly as I want right with them) as we laugh our way through troubleshooting configuration of every ATA on the planet...

than to deal with another ...

who won't stop giving advice on which makeup to buy, stating the fact that he or she can't work in this or that office because it's just not rich and fancy enough, getting their motivation from how expensive my or their clothes are, comparing how people look, buying stuff that looks good but doesn't cut the cake.

Haven't you ever bought a cell phone, laptop, car, electrostatic precipitator that looked good but just didn't perform to the standard you needed? Looking good doesn't mean much.

So which ATAs work with Asterisk best and which with SIP and which work great with both? I'm not asking how good they look, but just tell us the experience you've had with different ATAs from Snom, Grandstream, Motorola, Cisco, Innomedia and more. Configuration, ease of use, performance?

(Thank you, Robin Williams. As you say, some people are so beautiful but they have no expression.)

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