Thursday, September 04, 2008

Braintel Brothers: Masters from Viruses to Triple Play

Pictured above are Amjad Alvi, Rehan Ahmed (CTO and President of Super Technologies, Inc), Suzanne Bowen of Super Technologies, Basit Alvi, ???, and of course, Shahid Alvi is taking the picture. Where and when? Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2003.

Pictures of the Times Magazine cover and one page of the several page article on Viruses of a 1988 issue are included below.

(Time is trademarked, and I (we) do not have any relationship with Time. All credit for the magazine goes to Time.)

In 1988, Time Magazine published a whole issue about viruses and our friends at BrainTel (Brain Ltd). The Alvi brothers (Amjad and Basit) were highlighted for their little code added to their in-house developed software to catch those who were pirating illegally. (There's a third brother ... Shahid, thanks to him for the photos and the info on the Time Magazine article.) Braintel is known for its innovation in telecommunications and anything to do with IT despite the often suffocating atmosphere and vague criteria for legal versus legal voice business in Pakistan and in the Middle East in general. (Note TRAI has legalized voice over Internet protocol this past week. Pakistan's next door neighbor India took the brave step.)

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