Saturday, April 05, 2008

Paypal Does Not Have a Monopoly, Check Moneybookers

I'm finishing up my week in Las Vegas for CTIA Wireless today April 5, 2008 Saturday. My last meeting was today at lunch with 3 paging operators and some of their resellers. Life has been tough for them in the past few years while telecommunications has turned inside out at unbelievable speed.

Eventually the topic changed from how to use to buy/sell phone numbers wholesale... to ways to conduct monetary transactions online. Several expressed unhappiness with Paypal for reasons such as customer fraud, so many chargebacks, and Paypal so easily saying, "Let's part ways because you are voIP" when their new partner is Skype, one of the biggest voIP companies around.

Now, I like Paypal and Skype for my own personal and business reasons. On the other hand, I admit that I and several of the 9000+ wholesale telephony companies are experimenting with Moneybookers, and so far... we like it!

With Moneybookers, there are ZERO chargebacks. I am laughing through eternity with happiness. "All Moneybooker payments are irreversible"... the Moneybooker website states.

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