Friday, February 08, 2008

A Tomato Plant, Hug, and Miracle Cell Phone for Valentine's Day

Please don't give flowers, teddy bears and greeting cards to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Maybe some want those traditional gifts, but I say, “Let the flowers live. Leave them in the ground and on the bush and tree, so that more can enjoy their scent and appearance for a longer period of time. I don't want to watch them die because you've paid someone who plucked them before their time. A tomato plant will be much better in the pot.”

“Don't give me a teddy bear that cannot hug me, who only stares at me with one expression. I prefer a hug from you, the one who I laugh, argue, cry, run, and brainstorm with, the one whose changes in expression I cannot wait to see.”

“Don't give me a greeting card. Do magic and give me a telecommunications device (cell phone or other device not invented yet) with the following characteristics:

1. It has a battery with at least 6 days of charge on it, so at most, I only have to charge it once per week.
2. If the battery ever goes completely dead, the maker should replace it at 1/8 the cost or less of buying a new telecommunications device.
3. The device is mobile.
4. It lets me access the Internet and all my favorite programs like eBay, Amazon, Virtualphoneline, Groovytel, MobileMax, Truphone, Fring, Celtrek, Gizmo Project, Mapquest, Blogger, Facebook, Picasa, Youtube, International Currency Converter, Time Zone Converter, Fedex, Slashdot, Technorati, Kyte, Wikipedia, Blogher, Filezilla, Gmail, The15dollarstore etc.
5. It does not freeze up after I play Brickbreaker on it.
6. It takes pictures and videos and lets me easily email them or upload them to Youtube and Picasa.
7. It has an alarm clock, an unlimited amount of space for my address book and a calendar that prompts me with a special sound like Dee, Dee, Dee when there is something important I should do.
8. I'd like to have Pensacola, Florida; Tokyo, Japan; Mexico City, Mexico; London, UK; Karachi, Pakistan; Dubai, UAE; and Stockholm, Sweden phone numbers that people in those areas could dial from any phone, that would intuitively ring on the softphone SIP agent I happen to have open on this “cell phone.”
9. It comes with an adorable GPS watch that matches all my clothes. The watch should have a button that I can press to find my eyeglasses and cell phone. (Last part may not make not make sense, but please see #10.)
10. Or maybe this telecommunications device does all the above, but it looks like a watch. I can unfold it from my wrist to easily complete the functions listed above and then fold it back onto my wrist.
11. I wouldn't mind if it could be rolled up into a ball, still attached to my wrist (like a paddle ball), and I could bounce it without hurting it during times when I need action and can't find it.
12. I'll search CTIA Wireless 2008 conference* April 1-3 to see which device/service will give me as many of the above as possible and will add another post here on this blog about it.

I don't want $120 bunch of roses, a $50 teddy bear and a $4 greeting card. Those are just not practical! If you really knew me and wanted to see me ecstatic happy and admiring you for the rest of my life, you'd get me me a Roma tomato plant in the pot, a big warm hug, and a telecommunications device that does all the above for just $40/month, no other fees. I bet there are a lot of people who wish for the same.

( is a media/industry sponsor for CTIA Wireless and will be in Las Vegas to visit and help you develop your wholesale telecom business at booth 7035. Sign up to participate in CTIA Wireless on their website and then add yourself to the or Plaxo Pulse event with the same name posted by me Suzanne Bowen, so you can start networking and planning now.)

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