Friday, February 15, 2008

Media to Bring Pakistan Election News to the Cell Phone

You're at home, driving, at the park, office, party, club meeting, conference, wedding (oops), running, and anywhere else you happen to hang out. Your friend, family or business colleague tells you the latest gossip on any of your favorite topics: politics, fashion, movies, music, sports, local, global, technology and more. The first thing you want to know; is it true? Second, where can I find out more information?

What equipment do you usually have with you? An Ipod, your flash drive, your laptop (sometimes with zero or flaky WIFI available) or no PC/laptop at all, your watch, GPS, and your cell phone. Just about everyone all ages and all levels of socio-economic status carries a cell phone.

Radio stations, television stations, and newspapers are realizing that everyone carries a cell phone. So, what better way to get out the news? is signing up these media like crazy for their own news by phone.

A few examples of media who are signing up are a global music magazine, GeoNews, an online news source, the "CNN" of an international country meaning the most popular news source in that country, a social networking website, and several tv and radio, both traditional and web 2.0 type stations and channels.

The most recent is sharing up-to-date information with cell phone users all over the world regarding the Pakistani elections which will take place this coming weekend. I've done something kind of fun, emailed several people around the world who are Pakistani and some who are not, to ask them who their favorite Pakistani leaders are and who do they want to win the election. They each love the news by phone that is making available to their favorite news sources. I'll add their comments as I receive them. Others I have asked their opinion may add their comment here at the end of my blog post. A website that gives some information about Pakistani Leaders is at

Description of the person who responded Who they want to win
1. Shahid, 28 year old male in Pakistan who is manager Imran Khan of a highly profitable computer solutions co.

2. Marie, 29 year old female in USA whose best Kashmala Tariq friend and co-worker is a Pakistani-American girl

3. Rehan Kamil chooses Quaid-e-Azam.

4. Calin Houghton and his wife who is Pakistani American - Benazir Bhutto and Pervez Musharaf, really!


Anonymous said...

Only on the basis of how much Pakistan has progressed through today, I would want President Musharraf to win this election. The way he has been handling Pakistan politics and creating business opportunities despite repeated & frequent social, financial, political crises one after another... it's a job
impossible to handle by an ordinary bring BUSINESS in Pakistan in such critical times needs extraordinary brain
work....salute to Musharraf.
A common man has a destructive approach towards every aspect of our culture & society, which is damaging the economy on a whole. Like concentrating individually (on individual interests) instead of focusing common interest.......... Musharraf's foreign & domestic policies are more practical & positive,
keeping an equilibrium between foreign & national interests..he
reflects an educated PAKISTAN, in my opinion rest of the leaders are a disgrace to Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

I dont have faith in our Pakistani Leaders, they are all the same. They come into power & they do nothing. They only bluff giving high hopes to the nation
& in the end what happens, more poverty. Prices rising up high for Food,Petrol, Clothes, Shelter. So there is no Favourite leader in Pakistan for me.