Wednesday, February 27, 2008

EXPOcomm 2008 in Mexico, Edi Paran, Vocaltec

Vocaltec's Director Of Sales Latin America, Edi Paran, at EXPOcomm Mexico 2008 explains why he is at EXPOcomm Mexico and what Vocaltec is up to nowadays? Anyone remember the Internet Phone softphone back in 1994? I do! In fact, in late 2007, I blogged about teaching middle school in the 90s and our use of voIP including Vocaltec's Internet Phone at The company is doing much more today. Listen to Edi to find out. (DIDX is a media sponsor of EXPOcomm Mexico 2008 in collaboration with LinuxWorld and VON... really enjoying meeting and developing business with Latin American companies and also practicing Spanish. DIDX party Thursday night!)

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