Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Your 2008 Calendar Wants You

2007 rocks! But 2008 is aching for you to create it, to make it what you want it to be. Get your calendar out because here we go...

Want to learn, share, collaborate, sell, buy, partner, develop about anything over Internet protocol? So, you've heard about voice over the net and that the quality is usually better than cellular? Rumor has it that you can get a local phone number in that city on the other side of the world... so you can finally establish a presence there and start providing to those in that local area what you have...

You are an expert. Take that expertise to where the action is at these Information Technology, Social Media, Business/Social Networking, Voice over Internet... Web 2.0 events. Some are free. Some offer great discounts, and they are all over the world. Don't waste natural resources and time...

Events that DIDXchange (wholesale global direct inward dialing phone number marketplace on the net of 7900+ traditional and web 2.0 companies providing IP communications services) sponsors, recommends, exhibits and participates in are at

Specifically speaking...

1. Jan 9-11, 2008 at NTCA Wireless Symposium

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2. Jan 23-25, 2008 at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo East 2007
DIDX is a media sponsor and exhibitor.

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3. February 23-26, 2008, VON Mexico & Expo Comm Mexico 2008
Media Sponsor, Mexico City

4. Feb 24-27, 2008 at Comptel's Spring 2008 Convention & Expo

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5. Feb 27 - March 2, 2008, International SIP Conference, WIMAX Summit 2008
Paris, France
DIDX is an association sponsor.

6. Mar 12-14, 2007 at Emerging Communications (EComm) 2008

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7. Mar 17-20, 2008, Von.x Spring 2008 & Digium Asterisk World 2008
Enter DIDX priority code for free & discounted passes... San Jose, California.
DIDX is a supporting organization sponsor and an exhibitor.

Free expo pass

$100 off the valuable full conference pass

8. April 2-4, 2008, A conference named Bob 2.0
Social networks and open source developers mash-up, Stockholm, Sweden

9. April 23-24, 2008, Interop Russia
Interop Moscow 2008 makes you succeed!
DIDX is a media sponsor.

10. June 2-5, 2008, VON Europe
Next Generation Networking
DIDXchange is media sponsor and exhibitor, Amsterdam, Netherlands

11. June 16-19, 2008 at NXTCOMM 2008
DIDXchange: Media Sponsor and Exhibitor.
The ICET Universe Expands!
Las Vegas, Nevada.

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12. August 5-7, 2008 at Cluecon 2008
Open Source Telephony Developer Conference
Chicago, Illinois

Everyone has a right to be in the know about technology: government, consumer, wholesaler, provider, channel agent, you and me. Let's save a few trees and cut back on wasted fossil fuels and you and I Suzanne Bowen and the rest of the world meet all at once in the world's most exciting conferences, expos and symposiums.

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