Saturday, December 29, 2007

Vocaltec, George Washington Carver Middle School Students' Intro to VoIP

Remember the Vocaltec Internet Telephone? One of my ex-students from George Washington Carver Middle School reminded me of her introduction to VoIP in my Gifted Studies and English language classes around 1995. (We had some of the best principals back then.) She's chosen Internet protocol-based communications as her career, taking classes in Telecommunications to start. She tells me that no one in her class remembers Vocaltec, Cuseeme, IRC, Buddyphone, and the other VoIP (sometimes chat, video and voice) products.

Wow, I feel great. My head is so big feeling. Lol. And to think that in a conversation in the teachers' lounge that year, a visiting school board member stated that VoIP had no place in a classroom where half the kids didn't know how to read at grade level. (I'm so used to people saying things like this to me my whole life, even now, about everything I do.)

I asked the man to visit my classroom to see us reading, writing, editing, speaking, listening, and more offline and online...

I'm not a teacher anymore. Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDX has got me nabbed now since 1999. Life is good.

Thank you, Shauna, for sharing what you're up to nowadays. See you at the Florabama Make it to the Line 4 mile race!!!!

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shaunaandthe gang said...

We all remember you and love you from your teacher days in little tiny hole in the wall Century, Florida. Remember Daniel L.? He was stationed in Japan for while and the way he made friends was by singing all those American songs in Japanese like minnadeutaeba, atama kata, ame ame itchae. Thank you, Miss Suzanne