Saturday, December 01, 2007

Isn't there More than VoIP? How about SoIP?

What are we?
VoIP professionals?
VoIP geeks?
Professional VoIP geeks?
VoIP professional geeks?
Internet Protocol communications business owners?

During a conversation with my Dad recently he asked me how our voIP business is going. He wanted to know if I was still working 60+ hours a week and what else was I doing to stay human? I mentioned that I spread those 60 in a very creative way, here and there from Sunday through Saturday. He laughed and said, "So when are you going to start providing scent over Internet?"


I remember my family sprawling all over the living room or the front porch to listen to my Dad (who was an airplane mechanic in the United States Navy, had a religious degree, and was a church of Christ minister later) read or quote poems, stories, or religious scriptures. One Christmas Eve we asked him to quote the 'Twas the Night Before Christmas," with us. So he starts off...

I think that I shall never smell
A poem as lovely as my children.
My child whose sweaty palms are prest
Against their Daddy's big manly breast;
My child that smells like Koolaid all day,
And folds his grimy hands OKAY;
My child that may in reality wear
A nest of mud pies in her hair;
Upon whose snotty nose he's blown;
Where a skunk doesn't feel alone.
Poems are made by fools like Daddy,
But only peppermint and stinky shoes can make a child.

He never did quote 'Twas the Night before Christmas that night, but we did revise that poem several dozen times, laughing until we thought we'd pass out. That was also the first time I had a long conversation with a group of people about scent and its effect on others, how we come to think of a scent as good, bad or neutral. Is it learned, innate, or a combination of both? We wondered that night if we could invent a way for someone in another area of the world to experience a scent remotely, and if so, could that be used as a weapon, as a way to talk someone into doing something, as a way to change someone's opinion about a matter, as a way to share smells we've all never smelled before? (Anyone in social media interested? Google? Yahoo? IBM? Microsoft? Digium? Or is South Korea the only one working on it, and I'm the only Quixote talking about it?)

... I've got to take the eight pairs of my husband's running shoes out on the front porch to air now. Phew! The ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

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