Monday, September 10, 2007

Sept 10, 2007 Free Hugs Day in VoipDom

Just read USA Today's "Is 9/11 becoming just another calendar date?" by Rick Hampson.

Second paragraph, "You might forget the date Hiroshima was bombed or Kennedy was shot."

Why might we forget these dates? Who does remember? Japanese remember. The military remember. Social Studies teachers remember. Those who fought in World War II... Those whose loved ones were effected first-hand or second-hand by any of the above three dates. Those who live in the country that was violated.

I woke up this morning remembering I have a husband, son, adopted son, two sisters, one brother, father, step-mother, uncle and several nieces and nephews.

They are all alive. Many many around the world, though... woke up this morning where one or more of their loved ones are gone because of some strife (that is often far estranged from themselves) among religions, big business, ethnicity or just plain world control. ALL OVER THE WORLD: USA, Australia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Thailand, Pakistan, China, Switzerland, Iraq, South Africa and every corner of our world.

We are not unique in these truths. We are alike. Today is September 10, 2007, Free Hugs Day. Share a hug with everyone you meet. That hug might prevent a catastrophe.

Steven Cayona and I are at Internet Telephony West today at the Los Angeles Convention Center learning from my friends and competitors who are the same people. We'll hear TMC president Rich Tehrani and ABP president Robert Messer discuss how to sell VoIP, Ingate and Trixbox's workshops, and other IP communications presentations.

We'll see you at the DIDXchange booth 134 at 4:15 PM where we are sharing free hugs, answering technical and sales questions, and taking entries (from those with a SIP solution) for our Sept 11, 2007 Tuesday 5 PM drawing for 500 free Ohio, USA direct inward dialing phone numbers to jumpstart an Internet protocol-based communications business!

My Dad always says, "Do unto others before they do unto you." So, when I see you, you're getting a hug! Thank you, Dave Matthews Band, for letting us visualize.

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