Saturday, July 28, 2007

Facebook FREES Biz and Social Dev of Boredom

Do you ever get tired of "networking" and "developing business?" You'd like it to be acceptable to wear your pajamas or running shorts while doing so? is the place where you can develop business and social relationships that feels natural and fun. (The one thing that I believe Linkedin has over Facebook is that it may seem more acceptable format for those who want to separate their social life from their business life, and the ANSWERS feature is really cool. You can easily see anyone's questions to answer or to read, but on Facebook, they have to be in your network.)

Have you wondered what your friends are doing but don't really have the time to call them or email them? Add them to your Facebook network and when you login, you can see what they added as their most current status.

You like the idea of you seeing yourself in new ways, such as referring to yourself in the third person? Update your current status to see what I mean. ;-)

Want to just eavesdrop on strangers who can be the most creative and the most banal, depending upon your POV, in "groups" you choose to check out? And leave them when you're convinced, like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever that some of your new cohorts might not be going anywhere or...

like Eminem in 8 Mile when you know you only have one chance and why waste it on fluff, or then again, sometimes the most successful inventions result from what appear worthless to start.

Ok, I admit. I'm using Facebook to network but also to play Scrabble with my Dad (Ernest), my uncle Skip, my friend's daughter who's attending Florida State University, my colleagues, and anyone else who will play me. We take as long as a month to play and that is how we have time to do it. We live on 3 continents.

I use it to share songs in foreign languages with people on Facebook. I use it to watch dances, art and listen to music, show my mood, make phone calls, and look for opportunities to serve the global community of businesses with phone numbers on the wholesale phone number exchange And I have made better friends in my industry thru the social utility.

And finally, I've got some real warm bodies to run with at future everything over IP conferences and expos. Phew! No more excuses.

Events that I have added to Facebook and I'd love you to join:

16th Internet Telephony Conference and Expo West 2007
(where DIDXchange will exhibit at booth 356, come see us!!!)

Green Technology World 2007

Fall VON Oct 28-Nov 1, 2007 Conference

Groups I recommend:

Web 2.0 (Entrepreneurs)




Networking and VoIP

I want National wireless Internet.

From Japanese to Greek, from Urdu to Swahili...The languages group
(I am a language fanatic. I often find myself silently moving my lips to repeat words that people say who have an accent different from mine.)

Oh yes, and please help us brainstorm word associations at the Group: Word Association or X + or - Y = ÙÚ or wedge/vee or = Z. Hey, Ray Bradbury, one of my favorite authors, used to do it all the time.

See you on Facebook and at IT Conference and Expo West booth 356, Green Technology World, and Fall VON!

(My next post, probably in about a year as fast-paced as work is, will be about Scent over Internet). Boomshakalaka from Suzanne Bowen.

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