Sunday, June 03, 2007

Surprise over IP, etc. While Writing White Paper (White Label VoIP Solutions powered by DIDX DIDXchange)

It's Sunday morning, June 3, and I've been awake in the early hours when only a few birds and runners are about. I'm sitting in my New Orleans style cast iron patio set, working on a white paper about Super Technologies, Inc. 's most recent hosted white label IP communications solution customer, powered by DIDX DIDXchange.

I was about to use the word "nextgen," but decided to see if anyone had the term trademarked. Wow. NextGen® is a registered trademark of, an Electronic Medical Records & Enterprise Practice Management Systems.

I have been talking about this for a long time, and most people look at me like I am the stupidest being that ever lived.

I brought it up on our DIDX DIDXchange desert safari in Dubai during 2006 Gitex, and everyone politely smiled, but I know why.

First, it is women who pay the most attention to scent, not men.

Second, I'll let the reader think about it.

I will update this page with other Internet surprises on future early lazy Sunday mornings like this.

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