Friday, June 22, 2007

Green Technology World™ Conference Sept 11-12, 2007 Rich Tehrani (avi)

Hear and see Rich Tehrani of Technology Marketing Corporation share with you the excitement of the Green Technology World™ Conference Sept 11-12, 2007 in Los Angeles, CA, a new and first-of-its-kind event focusing on the use of modern technologies to help businesses minimize environmentally unfriendly business practices.

The extremely relevant event will feature prominent keynote speakers, educational sessions, round table discussions, and an exhibit hall consisting of companies who provide environmentally friendly technological solutions. Visit

Videoconferencing, telepresence, IP collaboration, peering, organized digital ecosystems, virtualization of servers (dividing one server into multiple servers and within more efficient environments such as RFID and M2M.

Even a conference such as NXTCOMM, TMC Internet Telephony, PTC, VON, or Green Technology World™ is more efficient both economically and environmentally. It is better for me to travel to the conference that will help me meet my customers' needs and meet face to face with several thousand IP communications companies for business development in one place than for me to travel and meet and meet each of them one at a time. Perhaps I can walk, rent a bike, or take a bus as opposed to renting a car or taking a taxi. Small item, but the economic and environmental costs are saved when you multiply me by 10,000 or more other attendees.

Telcos and other IP communications companies have the opportunity of a lifetime to learn how to change perceptions that they contribute to environmental unfriendly circumstances and how to assure that they make appropriate changes where they are not among the culprits of catastrophic climate change. Our DIDXchange fits the IP collaboration model Rich mentions. Maybe your product does, too! If not, found out how you can.

I request readers leave comments of that sincerely list ways that IP communications companies can be more eco-friendly and still minimize capital cost and compete effectively. Thanks! You can sign up at to sponsor, attend, and more now. We'll be there!

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