Saturday, May 19, 2007

Eddy's Words about Being Homeless in San Jose

Just finished sitting in a lawn chair in my back yard enjoying the water sprinkler sharing itself between me and garden and was thinking about the last conference I went to, Spring VON in San Jose in March for our DIDX DIDXchange meetings (we're usually a media sponsor for VON, now VONmag is another story that I may talk about in the future when I can calm down)

... funny the things that stand out to me from conferences. Running with the 5-15 VoIP guys every morning from MCM Telecom (Mexico CLEC), Belgacom and more... making introduction videos with Scott of Worldworkz, John of Airone, Matthew of a cool South Africa voip startup and more... dancing by myself as always (I'm married) at Pulver's party...

but I remember most of all a conversation I had with the homeless guy named Eddy in San Jose, who was sitting at the Lite Rail stop at 2 AM because he wanted to make sure he got to work on time for his new job. He didn't have to be at Lucky's (used to be Albertson's) until 5 AM.

Eddy's words echo in my head, "I don't mind that you are different from me, Suzanne. I don't mind if you don't do things like I do. In fact, I relish this very fact and it's been such a pleasure to hear your view of life and to know that you were really interested in my view. People usually ignore me and that is what hurts the most, but you didn't. You just walked up to me and started talking to me. It's 2 AM and I feel better already. Today's gonna be a good day."

I will never forget him. You can at least meet him on Youtube here. I hope Eddy is happy.

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