Friday, April 13, 2007

DIDX DIDXchange Notes: Never Miss a Call ... Gizmo Project Call Forwarding

Never Miss A Call with Gizmo Project Call Forwarding

Gizmo Project Call Forwarding
Answer any call to Gizmo Project on your mobile, home or work phones with Gizmo Call Forwarding. Setting it up is free, easy and once you do, you'll never miss a call on Gizmo Project. Forwarding requires Call out credit.

Easy Setup

Select "Call Forwarding... " from the Edit menu.
Type the number you want to receive calls on, and specify to forward "all calls" or "unanswered calls".
You're done! Now calls to Gizmo Project will forward to your home, mobile or work phones.

Instructions on Mac
Purchase Call Out Credit for Call Forwarding
Call forwarding works when you have Call Out credit and is charged the cost to call the phone you are forwarding to. Buy call out.
When a call is forwarded to your traditional phone, it is billed at the low call out rates we offer today. Buy call out credit.

Forwarding calls from Call In Numbers
A Gizmo Call In number works just like a traditional phone number and allows people to call you on Gizmo Project from their mobile or landline phone. Using call forwarding, calls to your Gizmo Call In number can also be received on your mobile, home or work phones. If you don't already have a Call In number, we have numbers from over 20 countries for as low as $3/month.

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