Friday, July 16, 2010

Early Morning at Super Technologies (DIDX, Techistan, Muntwo, etc.)

YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day
What is a morning like at Super Technologies, Inc. with its services such as DIDX, Techistan, and Muntwo?

Can I share? Read if you like. Suzanne's day so far...

6 AM - Talk with DIDX member from Austria using SIP both sides. He has been a DIDX buyer for one year and has recently decided to open a new account for selling Austria DID and later other European DID on DIDX.

Sent follow up email.

6:30 AM - Completed an NDA with a USA CLEC who will sell on DIDX. Followed up with discussion on worldwide SMS-enabled phone numbers to DIDX. Hope to make reality before end of 2010.

Collaborating on a Power Point Prezo about the Death of the DID. ;-) It's for a conference presentation I will give this year.

Connected two Latin American expatriates have incorporated USA telecom business who may merge soon. (This was after talking with each on Skype, PSTN, and SIP over the last few months.)

7 AM - Had a Skype talk about mutual business opportunities with a very successful Northern Cote d’Ivoire businessman. Between The voice quality was excellent in a 15 minute conversation except about one minute of garbled sounds about 4 minutes into the conversation. Our future plans?

A. Podcast interview with the businessman planned:

Setting up wholesale Cote d’Ivoire phone numbers on DIDX from a Cote d’Ivoire phone company.

Connecting the most successful telecom businessmen in N. Cote d’Ivoire with others around the world.

Showcasing successful female Cote d’Ivoire businesswomen.

B. Getting call forwarding business set up in N. Cote d’Ivoire.
Follow up via email and working on agreements.

7:30 AM - Discussion via Gizmo Project (thank goodness we both had accounts b4 Google bought them, gotta love Google though) with leading businesswoman from Colombia with a USA-based voip company about collaborating on Spanish spoken publicity and marketing for both her company and ours via video, audio, text articles, etc.

Shared comments, collaboration, brainstorming, biz dev ideas on Facebook, Linkedin (hope to check Twitter later today)

Finished a first draft of one audio and one video to go to

8 AM - Shared the new SipSchool offer on Facebook and Twitter which I think is fantastic...

"SIP Trunking for the Sales and Marketing professional" - Never have to say again, "Let me ask our technical team about that."

Working on fulfilling agreements with several dozen worldwide conferences.

Began research for new articles for with the nightmare of wishing I had a clone who could answer my emails at the same time...

I Heart Cote D'Ivoire Soccer Pint GlassLeaving blog now to continue the work of helping companies who are our clients or vendors to have the success they deserve!

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