Monday, April 07, 2008

Geoff Livingston & Suzanne Bowen Discuss Wireless, DIDX, and Coffee Cups

Listen in on the podcast between Geoff Livingston and Suzanne Bowen during CTIA Wireless at

I do mention some very cool wireless service providers who are great friends and highly respected in the community during this podcast. Maybe she included you!

The podcast was created during a bloggers' breakfast sponsored by FINDWHERE and at the Mirage Caribe Cafe duringt CTIA Wireless.

Thanks, Geoff, and happy to get to know you better via Facebook and experimenting with each other's platforms.

Oh, and while we are at it... check out our DIDX Coffee Cups Photo Gallery!
DIDX Coffee Cups and Starbucks with Friends around the World

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Anonymous said...

One paragraph here... looks like you're switching back and forth between first and third person. Blame that on Facebook's older current status format of forcing everyone to state what they are doing in third person as in So and so is... where "so and so" is you.